Outsourcing editing sounds scary for many photographers. Because for most of them it seems like giving up the creative side of the business. But it’s not like that.

Working with private photo editor actually allows you to keep the control. First of all through the communication. You can teach your private editor all the tricks you use in Lightroom during the editing.

Secondly, exchanging files using catalog with smart previews allows you make minor adjustments in the Lightroom to the images you’ve received from your editor.

Outsourcing sounds not so scary anymore?

Want to find out what is smart previews read this post – What is Lightroom Smart Previews and How to Create them?

When you should consider Outsourcing?

Here are a few thoughts you should consider before outsourcing editing.

  • Defined editing style

Your private editor goal is copy your own style and keep it consistent for every wedding. So your editing style must be easy to replicate and to teach another person.

  • Workflow

Outsourcing editing may change your workflow in good way, because you will have more free time. But still there are some easy steps to follow. I ask my clients to send me the dates of the weddings in advance and mark them in my calendar. Also we negotiate about the delivery time that suits their schedule. And before sending me the catalog I ask to edit 20-30 images from different parts of the day. Big bonus – this images can be used in social media or blog post as a sneak peak.

  • You have other priorities in your life and business

You spend a lot of time on each wedding, but you also have a lot of other important thing to do, this is definitely the time you should consider outsourcing. Do you ever count how many hours you spend behind your screen editing one wedding? 10-20 hours?  What if you could spend that time in a better way?

How to start outsourcing?

First of all I recommend to do a trial test. Send your potential editor a few unedited images (10-15) and show your previous weddings. This will help your editor to understand your style.

After the images came back to you, and the edits turned out closely to your own style, but need some tweaks to make, discuss all the details via text or video chat. Also you can do a screen share meeting and show your editing process via Hangouts or other software.

Usually I ask to send me 15 images. I edit them for free and always open for feedbacks, because communication is key, especially at the beginning.

What is included in my services?

  • One-on-one working relationship
  • Up to 7 days turnaround time
  • Lightroom Smart Previews catalog editing
  • Expertise in natural and colorful styles

As a photographer, I found that I enjoyed editing. I spent a lot of time behind the computer learning new tricks in Lightroom. Looking at the transformation I did with images is what really makes me happy.

In addition, if you would like to find out more details about my services and view the portfolio, visit Pricing page.

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Outsourcing photo editing for wedding photographers
Outsourcing photo editing for wedding photographers

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