Last year (2018) in September I had an amazing trip to Italy. I was there with my friends. It was a short trip. We stayed at Rome for three days, then we visited Florence and Venice. If you have already read the “About me” page you know that Venice stole my heart. Yes, this city really has romantic vibes. And you can feel them even if you’re not in the relationship.

But first things first… And our first stop was Rome. It is a large city. We use the metro to get to the main city sights. We have a lot of walking tours. I can recommend an app It’s a free offline map, but you have to download the city map beforehand. Also, you can explore the city using pre-made guides in this app that will walk you through the most interesting places.

For me the most memorable places in Rome were Coliseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Altar of the Fatherland, Park Villa Borghese and an area that called Trastevere (there are a lot of nice, unique and small restaurants and cafes).

Italy, Rome

Trevi Fountain. This was the most crowded place. The best time to visit the fountain is early in the morning.

Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain, Rome




Altar of the Fatherland

Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere

Some photos were shot with an iphone. So the quality is not the best.

Very delicious ice cream from “Venchi”.

Trastevere area

Park Villa Borghese


It’s charming city with beautiful architecture and pleasant atmosphere. I stayed there only for one day, but I wish I could stay for longer. I enjoyed walking the Florence streets.

Jewelry market on the bridge

Street art. Every evening drawings are washed away, so the artists could make another one next day.


I can’t describe how beautiful and romantic this city is.

Saint Mark’s Basilica

Photo with gondolier

The trip was amazing. I hope I will get a chance to visit Italy again.

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