About me

As a wedding photographer who experienced busy seasons, I understand how much pressure lies on the photographer’s shoulders. I’m very familiar with that feeling when you know that thousands of photos are waiting for you.

I choose to become a private photo editor and use my experience to help photographers manage their business and gain back the work-life balance. I invest my time and attention to learn my clients brand style. Because I want to maintain consistency through all of the images and make sure they represent photographers’ style.

Let me help you with an editing part of your business so you could focus on achieving your life and business goals.


    • 120+ edited weddings
    • 750 – an average amount of images per wedding
    • Since 2018 I’m a KJ Consistency course student
    • 10 years experience in editing (3 years of them as a private photo editor)




Weddings and Engagments I personally photographed and edited:

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  • I enjoy doing yoga in the morning
  • Love to travel. I’ve been to Rome, Venice, Florence (Italy), Prague and Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Sharm-El-Shaikh (Egypt), Krakow (Poland), Dubai and Abu-Dhabi (UAE)
  • I enjoy learning new things. In my free time I like to read about graphic design, marketing and online business.
  • My favourite book – Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want by Barbara Sher